Providing water treatment solutions throughout the Philippines

About Us

EHS Bioproducts Inc offers the following for water treatment:

Supply of chemicals, bio-augmentation products, media filters
Supply of equipment like pumps, water meters, blowers, diffusers
Design and Install water treatment plants
Operate and Maintain water treatment plant facilities



EHS takes pride in providing high value products and services that the company can stand behind, which ensure customer satisfaction and profitability. The company practices professionalism, discipline and transparency to achieve service excellence standards. EHS employees go the extra mile for their customers. EHS proudly upholds the values of truthfulness, honesty and sincerity. EHS follows through on its commitments. Quality, service excellence and integrity are core values ingrained in the work of EHS. Credibility, dedication and passion grow EHS.


EHS aims to be recognized as the Total Solution Company for Water Treatment by its customers, suppliers and competitors.


EHS stands for Environment that is Healthy and Safe.

EHS Bioproducts helps build a clean and green environment by providing economically and ecologically efficient products to industries.

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