“TepokLamok – Dengue Sapok”

DID YOU KNOW: June is the Dengue Awareness Month?

On April 21st 1998, former president Fidel V. Ramos declared June as the Dengue Awareness Month.

According to Department of Health (DOH) a total of 131, 827 dengue cases were reported in 2017 and dengue is now emerging disease and considered as the vector-borne viral disease affecting mankind. Since June is a start of raining season, DOH established the “TepokLamok-Dengue Sapok’ program- A simultaneous cleanup operation and elimination of mosquito breeding places.

Did you know, there are some plants and herbs that can plant in your house as a natural mosquito repellent? We listed 5 common herbs which are easy to grow here in the Philippines:

  1. Citronella – it is a beautiful clumping grass that emits strong aroma. That aroma repels mosquitoes by masking scents attractive to mosquitoes, such as Carbon Dioxide and Lactic Acid which is found in the human body.
  2. Marigold – commonly grown as an ornamental plant. It contains Pyrethrum a compound used in many insect repellents.
  3. Catnip –is in the family of mint. If you have feline friends, they’ll surely love the aroma!
  4. Basil- is one of the common herbs and it works well to keep stinging bugs away.
  5. Lavender- is a flowering fragrant plant that belongs to herb family. The oil is extracted from the blue-violet flowers which it can be used as a natural repellent against mosquitos.

Source: http://holtkamphvac.com/11-plants-herbs-that-naturally-repel-mosquitoes/